Summer Wine Punch

Summer Wine Punch

Refreshing and light, this is an excellent punch to serve when fresh
strawberries are in season.


3 cups fresh strawberries, halved
3/4 cup sugar
1 bottle (4/5 quart) chilled Ries-
ling or Chablis
1 cup vermouth (optional)
1 quart chilled lemon or grape-
fruit flavored soda or club soda
Ice Cubes


Chill all ingredients before mix-
ing them together.Put strawberries into chilled
bowl. Sprinkle sugar over; stir until
strawberries are evenly coated.Pourwine,vermouthandchilled
soda into bowl; add ice cubes.
Serve immediately


2 Quarts Punch

Because this punch must be
served immediately after it is put
together, have all ingredients chill-
ing until you are ready to serve. For
another variation you may substi-
tute the fruit flavored soda for apple
or other fruit juices.

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